Lean Simple Magic Card Tricks Online

It’s your daughter’s birthday party and you have no idea about what you can do to surprise her? How about a magic show? Don’t worry! That does not mean that you have to spend a huge sum of money to get a magician at your doorstep. In fact you can be the Zoom magician hire yourself. Surprised? All you have to do is surf the internet and find websites that display a number of simple card tricks and learn and practice them and then perform. Won’t your daughter be surprised?

You need not learn magic card-tricks that are very difficult or time consuming. There are some easy tricks that you can learn very easily. Given below are some of them that you can practice and perform them in front of your small audience.

Picking a Card: Ask a volunteer to pick a card from the deck in your hands. Then ask the person to place it on top of the deck. Move your hands behind your back and then turn the top card. Now bring the deck in the front in such a manner that the chosen card faces you and the front of the deck faces the volunteer. Keep in mind what the chosen card is. Again take the deck behind and now place the card anywhere in the deck. Now shuffle the deck, find the card and show it to the volunteer. It will be the one that he had chosen earlier.

Different coloured cards: Divide the cards as red and black. Only you know that they are divided in this manner. Ask a person from the audience to pick a card, one from each deck. Now ask them to place the cards in the opposite decks, the red in the black deck and the black in the red deck, and shuffle them. Then search for the two cards in the decks and you can pick them very easily due to the difference in colours.

Changing the card: In this trick, ask your friend to select a card from a deck in your hands. You must pick this card along with the card placed below it, in such a way that both the cards appear as a single. You pretend to identify the wrong card. You place this card (with the selected one above it), on top of the deck. Now pick the top card and place on the table besides the deck. Your friend thinks that it is the incorrect card. Pick the deck and fan it over the card. Now ask your friend to pick the card. It is the one that he had chosen earlier.

There are many websites which show you many such videos on how to perform these card-tricks. Although these tricks are easy to perform, perfection in performing them will come only with a lot of practice. So after deciding on what playing cards magic tricks you will perform, practice them continuously till you master them.


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