For sale by owner, The truth behind most listing services and the real value of selling by owner.

In today’s world where the internet is king, buyers find real estate information online, research has shown that 95% of home buyers start their search online and this number is growing too age.

After years of researching internet marketing, it became clear to me that everyone in the business is selling websites for sales that are useless. The only people who go there to find a home are real estate agents and real estate agents as well as homeowners trying to sell their homes. By listing your home on the site for sale, you will be inundated with inquiries from real estate professionals trying to solicit your business. Be honest and think about it, if you are a home buyer looking for a home on the internet, you will definitely say hmm, let’s look at for sale by owner sites. Are you unlikely to go to a site that advertises a large selection of available homes? Ask your friends and relatives who have bought homes and ask them if they have used FSBO sites to find homes. The answer must be a resounding no. The question is, how can I get the most exposure for my property? The answer is very simple. You must submit your home to multiple listing services. Definition: “A Multiple Listing Service (MLS, also Multiple Listing System or Multiple Listing Service) is a company that allows sellers to create contracts (between sellers), making relationships with other marketers that participate easily, collect and distribute information to help. Market Broker information, customer and public information.”

This will give you visibility on all the major websites where buyers go to look for equipment. Selling a home without listing it in the MLS service would be like selling ice cream to an Eskimo. How many Eskimos can tell you the time of day? However, the visibility that MLS services provide allows tens of thousands of people to work with you to sell your property. It will be like selling ice cream in the desert, you will never run out of customers. There are sites that allow you to list your home on the MLS for free. It can be an effective way to market your home in the world. However, today’s buyers all have representation and in order for your home to work on the MLS and compel real estate professionals to show your property, you need to give agents a service. Put yourself in the position of the buyer, you have 6 things to show your customer. Five of them give the seller a 3% commission, then one gives 0%, 1% or 2%. What would you do if you were in a job to make money? I think you will show 5 properties that give 3% and never show the one that gives 0%, 1% or 2%. So if you were to list your home on the MLS for free, you would pay 3% to get a showing. So by listing your home on the MLS service you pay a flat fee that gives you a very limited selection and can cost you a pretty penny, you have to pay 3% to the realtor selling your property and it if you really want it. sold. In the end, you will pay about 3.5-4% for a limited service, and you have no representation to sell your best value. You will be dealing with real estate agents for a living which will give them a head start. Think about it for a second if you buy the same product every day, that will not give you an edge over someone who has little or no experience with the product. Good negotiators earn 5% more for property than the average negotiator.

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An inexperienced seller will get 5% less for the property than a professional buyer. That’s 10% difference between an inexperienced buyer and a good buyer. Today’s market is a buyer’s market, which forces everyone interested to be at the negotiating table because there are many options for buyers. So, when you decide to join the real estate industry and become a seller, then if you want to get the best price, you save only 1-2% by selling the house yourself, because and MLS is mandatory. get the best price. . Keep in mind when designing all the surveys you will need to manage and organize.

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